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ADDinterview: Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose was the 13-year-old girl that played timid serial killer Angela in the first Sleepaway Camp, a cult slasher favorite from the 1980s. ADDmovies' laze recently caught up with the quiet-but-deadly Angela and found out what she was up to, ADD style.

One note -- if you've never seen the film, you may want avoid reading the interview until after you watch the movie, because there are serious spoilers!

Felissa Rose in SLEEPAWAY CAMP Felissa Rose today

Hey, what's up?

The stars, what's up with you?

Not much. Just doing this interview... you know. So, what type of kid were you?

Outgoing, mischievous, and not at all like the role I played in Sleepaway Camp.

How did you get the role of Angela in Sleepaway Camp?

Through my manager, they introduced me to Robert Hiltzik and from there it's all history.

Were you approached for other, similar roles after the movie was released?

The only similar role that I was offered was to play Angela again in Sleepaway... 2 and 3.

Any reason for turning that role down?

I was accepted to NYU early decision and they couldn't say if I'd be accepted the following year.

How did your role of Angela change the way that your classmates treated you?

The girls were mean and the boys protected me (maybe because they knew I was one of them).

Were you surprised at the following Sleepaway Camp had developed?

Very! But I'm thrilled and it has definitely changed a lot of things in my life right now.

What do you attribute Sleepaway Camp's huge cult following to?

The cheesy 80's style, dead teenagers, and what most people tell me, because of the shocking ending.

If you have children someday, at what age will you introduce them to Angela and SC?

Definitely want children in the future—I guess around 13, same age as when I acted in it.

What drew you back to horror movies (and screen acting in general) in recent years?

Jeff Hayes, the Internet, and young filmmakers who are fans of Sleepaway Camp.

What projects do you have coming up soon?

Coming: Under Surveillance, Satan's Playground, Horror. Shooting Soon: Nikos, Are You Going, Corpses Are Forever in Miami.

Who would win in a fight? Your Angela or Pamela Springsteen's?

I'll give it to Pam since I was only 13, but you tell me, I was a man and she was a woman.

How many times have people asked you if you really have a penis?

A lot, but then again, who says I don't?

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