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From the Terrace
Black Dynamite
A Matter of Life and Death
Hot Tub Time Machine
I Sell the Dead
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Iron Giant, The
Virginia Creepers
Ten, The
Melvin Goes to Dinner
Loved One, The
Alice in Wonderland
Gentlemen Broncos
Back to the Future Part II

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Title Director Rating
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Jackson, Peter 4.5
2019: After the Fall of New York Martino, Sergio 3
28 Days Later Boyle, Danny 4
28 Weeks Later Fresnadillo, Juan Carlos 3.5
40 Year-Old Virgin, The Apatow, Judd 4
51 Birch Street Block, Doug 4.5
Aguirre, the Wrath of God Herzog, Werner 4.5
Alice, Sweet Alice Sole, Alfred 4.5
Alone in the Dark Sholder, Jack 2.5
Alyas Batman en Robin Reyes, Tony 2.5
American Pie 2 Rogers, J.B. 2.5
Anarchism in America Fischler and Joel Sucher, Steven 3.5
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy McKay, Adam 3.5
Andrea’s Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy Mandell, Robert 3.5
Anguish Luna, Bigas 4
Assault on Precinct 13 Carpenter, John 4
Back to the Future Zemeckis, Robert 5
Bad Taste Jackson, Peter 3.5
Baron Blood Bava, Mario 3
Basket Case Henenlotter, Frank 4
Basket Case 2 Henenlotter, Frank 3
Batman Begins Nolan, Christopher 4.5
Battle Sounds (1997 Whitney Biennial Cut) Carluccio, John 4
Battlefield Baseball Yamaguchi, Yudai 3
Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding Schwartz, Doug 1.5
Beautiful Mind, A Howard, Ron 4.5
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Glosserman, Scott 3
Best in Show Guest, Christopher 4.5
Beyond the Darkness D'Amato, Joe 3
Beyond, The Fulci, Lucio 4
Billy Elliot Daldry, Stephen 4.5
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula Beaudine, William 2.5
Black Cat, The Fulci, Lucio 2
Black Demons Lenzi, Umberto 2.5
Blade in the Dark, A Bava, Lamberto 3
Bloodstained Shadow, The Bido, Antonio 3.5
Blue Vinyl Hefland and Daniel B. Gold, Judith 4
Born Into Brothels Briski and Ross Kauffman, Zana 4
Bourne Supremecy, The Greengrass, Paul 3.5
Bowling for Columbine Moore, Michael 4
Boxer's Omen, The Kuei Chih-Hung 3
Bruce Almighty Shadyac, Tom 2.5
Bruiser Romero, George 3
Bubba Ho-Tep Coscarelli, Don 3.5
Bullet for Sandoval, A Buchs, Julio and Lucio Fulci 2.5
Burning, The Maylam, Tony 2.5
Cabin Fever Roth, Eli 4
Candy Snatchers, The Trueblood, Guerdon 2.5
Cannibal Apocalypse Margheriti, Antonio 2.5
Cannibal Ferox Lenzi, Umberto 2
Cannibal Holocaust Deodato, Ruggero 4.5
Card Player, The Argneto, Dario 1.5
Case of the Bloody Iris, The Carnimeo, Giuliano 3.5
Cat O' Nine Tails Argento, Dario 3
Charade Donen, Stanley 4
Cheerleader Camp Quinn, John 2
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Clark, Bob 2.5
Chinese Ghost Story 2, A Siu-Tung, Ching 3
Chinese Ghost Story 3, A Siu-Tung, Ching 2.5
Chinese Ghost Story, A Siu-Tung, Ching 4
Chopping Mall Wynorski, Jim 3.5
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street  5
Christmas With the Kranks Roth, Joe 0
Church, The Soavi, Michele 3.5
Cigarette Burns Carpenter, John 4
Circus of Fear Moxey, John 3
Circus of Horrors Hayers, Sidney 4
Citizen Kane Welles, Orson 5
City of the Dead Moxey, John 4.5
Class of Nuke 'Em High Haines, Richard and others 3
Clownhouse Salva, Victor 2
Cl�o de 5 � 7 Varda, Agn�s 4.5
Cobra Verde Herzog, Werner 3.5
Confessions of a Burning Man Barnett and Unsu Lee, Paul 3
Conqueror Worm, The Reeves, Michael 2
Contamination Cozzi, Luigi 3.5
Convent, The Mendez, Mike 3.5
Corpse Bride Burton, Tim 4
Crash Haggis, Paul 4
Crazies, The Romero, George 3.5
Curse of the Undead Dein, Edward 2.5
Dagon Gordon, Stuart 4
Danger: Diabolik Bava, Mario 3.5
Daredevil Johnson, Mark 3
Dark Days Singer, Marc 4
Dark Water Salles, Jr., Walter 3
Dawn of the Dead Snyder, Zack 3.5
Dawn of the Dead Romero, George 5
Day of the Dead Romero, George 3.5
Dead Hate the Living, The Parker, Dave 3
Dead Next Door, The Bookwalter, J.R. 2.5
Dead and Buried Sherman, Gary 4
Dead or Alive Miike, Takashi 3
Deadwood Park Stanze, Eric 3.5
Death Race 2000 Bartel, Paul 4
Deep Red Argento, Dario 4
Desecration Tomaselli, Dante 3.5
Devil's Rejects, The Zombie, Rob 3.5
Diary of the Dead Romero, George 3
Django, Kill... If You Live, Shoot!  Questi, Giulio 3.5
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Thurber, Rawson Marshall 3.5
Drag Me to Hell Raimi, Sam 3.5
Drumline Stone III, Charles 2.5
Eaten Alive Lenzi, Umberto 3.5
Ecstasy of the Angels Wakamatsu, Koji 3.5
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Gondry, Michel 4
Eyeball Eddie Allen, Elizabeth 4
Fahrenheit 9/11 Moore, Michael 4.5
Farewell Uncle Tom Jacopetti, Gualtiero and Franco E. Prosperi 3
Farmingville Sandoval and Catherine Tambini, Carlos 4
Fast Food Simpson, Michael 2.5
Fido Currie, Andrew 2.5
Fight For Your Life Endelson, Robert 3
Finding Nemo Stanton, Andrew and Lee Unkrich 4.5
Fists in the Pocket Bellocchio, Marco 3
Flightplan Schwentke, Robert 4
Flying Guillotine Meng-hua, Ho 2
Four of the Apocalypse Fulci, Lucio 4
Freaks Browning, Tod 4.5
Freaky Friday Waters, Mark 2.5
Freddy vs. Jason Yu, Ronny 2.5
Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme Fitzgerald, Kevin 4
Freshest Kids, The Israel 4.5
Friday the 13th Cunningham, Sean 4
Friday the 13th Nispel, Marcus 3.5
Friday the 13th Part 2 Miner, Steve 3
Friday the 13th Part 3 Miner, Steve 2.5
Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Steinmann, Danny 1
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives McLoughlin, Tom 3
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Hedden, Rob 1
Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood Buechler, John Carl 3
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Zito, Joseph 3
From Beyond Gordon, Stuart 2.5
From a Whisper to a Scream Burr, Jeff 3
Frontir(s) Gens, Xavier 3.5
Full Metal Yakuza Miike, Takashi 3
Garden State Braff, Zach 3.5
Gaslight Cukor, George 4.5
Gator Bait Sebastian, Beverly and Ferd Sebastian 0
Genghis Blues Belic, Roko 4.5
Ghosts of Edendale, The Avalos, Stefan 2.5
Ghoulies Bercovici, Luca 2
Ginger Snaps Fawcett, John 4
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning Harvey, Grant 3.5
Girl Who Knew Too Much, The Bava, Mario 3.5
Gleaners and I, The Varda, Agnès 3.5
Gleaners and I: Two Years Later, The Varda, Agnès 3.5
Go, Go Second Time Virgin Wakamatsu, Koji 4.5
Good Morning Ozu, Yasujiro 3
Good the Bad and the Ugly, The Leone, Sergio 5
Grandma's Secret Recipe Hayes, Jeff 2.5
Grapes of Death, The Rollin, Jean 2.5
Guts of a Virgin Komizu, Kazuo (Toshio Sato) 1.5
Habit Fessenden, Larry 4
Halloween (workprint) Zombie, Rob 2
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Little, Dwight 4
Halloween: Resurrection Rosenthal, Rick 1.5
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Newell, Mike 3
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Columbus, Chris 4
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Cuar�n, Alfonso 3.5
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Columbus, Chris 3.5
Hatchet Green, Adam 3.5
Heartbreakers Mirkin, David 2.5
Hell House Ratliff, George 3.5
Hell of the Living Dead Mattei, Bruno 2.5
Hell's Ground Khan, Omar 2.5
Hell's Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films Wood, Bret 4
Hero Yimou, Zhang 4.5
High Fidelity Frears, Stephen 3.5
Hills Have Eyes, The Aja, Alexandre 2.5
Horror Tomaselli, Dante 4
Host, The Joon-ho, Bong 3.5
Hostel Roth, Eli 4
Hotel Rwanda George, Terry 4.5
House of 1000 Corpses Zombie, Rob 2.5
House of Clocks Fulci, Lucio 3
House of Flying Daggers Yimou, Zhang 3
House on the Edge of the Park Deodato, Ruggero 2.5
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Petrie, Donald 0
I Bury the Living Band, Albert 3.5
I Drink Your Blood Durston, David 3.5
I'll Bury You Tomorrow Kelly, Alan 3
Identity Mangold, James 4
Imagine the Sound Mann, Ron 4.5
Incident at Loch Ness Penn, Zak 4
Incredibles, The Bird, Brad 4
Independent's Day Zenovich, Marina 2.5
Inside Bustillo, Alexandre 4
Intruder Spiegel, Scott 2.5
Invisible Maniac, The Rifkin, Adam 2.5
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Marcus, Adam 2
Jason X Isaac, James 2.5
Jesus Camp Ewing and Rachel Grady, Heidi 4
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter DeMarbre, Lee Gordon 3
Journey of the Heart Arthur, Karen 2
Joy Ride Dahl, John 3.5
Jungle Holocaust Deodato, Ruggero 3
Juno Reitman, Jason 4
K-PAX Softley, Iain 2
Kill, Baby... Kill! Bava, Mario 4
Killer Condom Walz, Martin 2.5
Killer Klowns from Outer Space Chiodo Brothers, The 3.5
Killing Birds D'Amato, Joe 1.5
Knocked Up Apatow, Judd 4
Land of the Dead Romero, George 4
Langoliers, The Holland, Tom 3
Last House on Dead End Street Morrison, Steven 3
Last House on the Left Craven, Wes 4
Last Man Standing: Politics, Texas Style Stekler, Paul 3.5
Last Winter, The Fessenden, Larry 4.5
Lathe of Heaven, The Loxton, David and Fred Barzyk 4
Legally Blonde Luketic, Robert 3
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural Blackburn, Richard 3.5
Leprechaun 4: In Space Trenchard-Smith, Brian 1.5
Little Miss Sunshine Dayton and Valerie Faris, Jonathan 4
Living Hell Fujii, Shugo 2.5
Lizard in a Woman's Skin Fulci, Lucio 3.5
London Voodoo Pratten, Robert 3
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Extended Edition) Jackson, Peter 3.5
Lucky Luke Hill, Terence 2
M. Hulot's Holiday Tati, Jacques 4
Malibu's Most Wanted Whitesell, John 2.5
Man in the Moon Mulligan, Robert 4
Maniac Lustig, William 2.5
March of the Penguins Jacquet, Luc 3.5
Mark of the Devil Armstrong, Michael 3
Masculin/Feminin Godard, Jean-Luc 4
Master of the Flying Guillotine Yu, Jimmy Wang 4
Mayor of the Sunset Strip, The Hickenlooper, George 4
Mean Girls Waters, Mark 3
Memento Nolan, Christopher 4.5
Midnight Meat Train, The Kitamura, Ryuhei 4
Mighty Wind, A Guest, Christopher 4
Million Dollar Baby Eastwood, Clint 4.5
Minority Report Spielberg, Stephen 4
Mon Oncle Tati, Jacques 4.5
Monster Squad, The Dekker, Fred 3.5
Motel, The Kang, Michael 4
Mother of Tears Argento, Dario 3.5
Muppet Family Christmas, A Henson, Brian 4.5
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Zwick, Joel 2.5
Napoleon Dynamite Hess, Jared 3.5
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Chechik, Jeremiah 3.5
National Lampoon's Van Wilder Becker, Walter 2
New Year's Evil Alston, Emmett 1.5
Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave, The Miraglia, Emilio 2
Night of the Bloody Apes Cardona, Rene 2.5
Night of the Lepus Claxton, William 2.5
Nightmare Scavolini, Romano 2
Nightmare City Lenzi, Umberto 1.5
Nightmare on Elm Street, A Craven, Wes 4
No Telling Fessenden, Larry 3
Notorious Concubines, The Wakamatsu, Koji 1.5
Notre Musique Godard, Jean-Luc 3
O Brother, Where Art Thou? Coen, Joel 3.5
Office Space Judge, Mike 3.5
Once Upon a Time in the West Leone, Sergio 4.5
One Big Trip Goldwach, Jason 3
One Hour Photo Romanek, Mark 3
Opera Argento, Dario 3.5
Paranoia Lenzi, Umberto 1.5
Passion of the Christ, The Gibson, Mel 2.5
Phantasm II Coscarelli, Don 2
Piece by Piece Hill, Nic 3.5
Pieces Piquer Sim�n, Juan 3.5
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Verbinski, Gore 3.5
Planet of the Vampires Bava, Mario 3.5
Playtime Tati, Jacques 5
Polar Express, The Zemeckis, Robert 4
Pollock Harris, Ed 2.5
Prom Night Lynch, Paul 2
Psychomania Sharp, Don 3
Radar Men From the Moon Brannon, Fred 3
Raiders of the Living Dead Sherman, Samuel 1.5
Rashomon Kurosawa, Akira 5
Rat Race Zucker, Jerry 2.5
Reform School Girls de Simone, Tom 3.5
Return of the Evil Dead de Ossorio, Amando 2.5
Return of the Living Dead O'Bannon, Dan 3.5
Return of the Living Dead 3 Yuzna, Brian 3
Return of the Living Dead Part II Wiederhorn, Ken 4
Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis Elkayem, Ellory .5
Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave Elkayem, Ellory 0
Return to the Batcave Kaufman, Paul 3
Ring, The Verbinski, Gore 3.5
Roger & Me Moore, Michael 4
Roller Boogie Lester, Mark 2.5
Rookie of the Year Stern, Daniel 3
Run, Man, Run! Sollima, Sergio 3.5
Ruslan and Ludmilla Ptushko, Alexander 4
Sabu Miike, Takashi 4
Santo Contra La Invasion De Los Marcianos Crevenna, Alfredo 3
Santo y Blue Demon contra Drácula y el Hombre Lobo Delgado, Miguel 3
Saragossa Manuscript, The Has, Wojciech 4
Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic Lynch, Liam 4
Satan's Children Wiezycki, Joe 2.5
Satanico Pandemonium Solares, Gilberto Martinez 3
Saw Wan, James 3.5
Scanners Cronenberg, David 3.5
Scooby-Doo Gosnell, Raja 3
Scratch Pray, Doug 4.5
Shark Tale Bergeron (and others), Bibo 2
Shaun of the Dead Wright, Edgar 4
She's Too Young McLoughlin, Tom 2.5
Short Night of Glass Dolls Lado, Aldo 3.5
Shrek Adamson, Andrew and Vicky Jenson 4
Shrek 2 Various 3.5
Simpsons Movie, The Silverman, David 4
Sleepaway Camp Hiltzik, Robert 4.5
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers Simpson, Michael 4
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland Simpson, Michael 3
Slither Gunn, James 2.5
Slumber Party Massacre II Brock, Deborah 2
Slumber Party Massacre III Mattison, Sally 2.5
So Wrong They're Right Forster, Russ 3
Son of Frankenstein Lee, Rowland 3.5
Sonny Cage, Nicolas 2
Sorority House Massacre Frank, Carol 1.5
Sorority House Massacre II Wynorski, Jim .5
Speak Sharzer, Jessica 3.5
Spider-Man Raimi, Sam 3.5
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Hillenburg, Stephen and Sherm Cohen 2.5
Stagefright Soavi, Michele 2.5
Stand By Me Reiner, Rob 5
Strip Nude for Your Killer Bianchi, Andrea 2.5
Style Wars Silver, Tony 4.5
Super Fuzz Corbucci, Sergio 5
Superbad Mottola, Greg 4
Superman: The Movie Donner, Richard 4
Sweet Home Alabama Tennant, Andy 1.5
Sweet House of Horrors Fulci, Lucio 2.5
Terminal, The Spielberg, Steven 2.5
Terror in the Mall Barba, Norberto 2.5
Texas, Adios Baldi, Ferdinando 3.5
There's Nothing Out There Kanefsky, Rolfe 3
They Call Me Trinity Barboni, Enzo 3
Three Mighty Men U�ak, T. Fikret 3
Tombs of the Blind Dead de Ossorio, Amando 3
Toolbox Murders, The Donnelly, Dennis 1
Tooth and Nail Young, Mark 2
Total Recall Verhoeven, Paul 4
Tout Va Bien Godard, Jean-Luc 4
Toxic Zombies McCrann, Chuck 2.5
Trainspotting Boyle, Danny 4
Trauma Argento, Dario 3
Triplets of Belleville, The Chomet, Sylvain 4.5
Troll Buechler, John Carl 3
Troll 2 Floyd (Claudio Fragasso), Drake 1.5
Two Ninas Turitz, Neil 2.5
UnConventional Doyle and Michael Furno, Daniel 2.5
Uzumaki Higuchinsky 4
Versus Kitamura, Ryuhei 3.5
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women Bogdanovich, Peter 2
Waiting for Guffman Guest, Christopher 4.5
Wall-E Stanton, Andrew 4.5
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Park, Nick 3.5
Wave Twisters Henry, Eric and Syd Garon 4.5
Weather Underground, The Green and Bill Siegel, Sam 3.5
Weather, The Maguire, John and Ben Fox 4.5
Week End Godard, Jean-Luc 5
Wendigo Fessenden, Larry 4
Westworld Crichton, Michael 4
Whale Rider Caro, Niki 4
What Have You Done to Solange? Dallamano, Massimo 4.5
White Slaves of Chinatown Mawra, Joseph 2.5
Who Saw Her Die? Lado, Aldo 3.5
Wild Things McNaughton, John 4
Willard Morgan, Glen 3.5
Witch Who Came from the Sea, The Cimber, Matt 3
Witness, The Stein, Jenny 4
Wrong Turn Schmidt, Rob 2.5
Xtro Davenport, Harry Bromley 3
Yojimbo Kurosawa, Akira 4.5
Zen Noir Rosenbush, Marc 3.5
Zombi 3 Fulci, Lucio and Bruno Mattei 2.5
Zombie Fulci, Lucio 4.5
Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence Schnass, Andreas .5
Zombie 4: After Death Fragasso, Claudio 2.5
Zombie Holocaust Martin, Frank 4
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