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From the Terrace
Black Dynamite
A Matter of Life and Death
Hot Tub Time Machine
I Sell the Dead
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Iron Giant, The
Virginia Creepers
Ten, The
Melvin Goes to Dinner
Loved One, The
Alice in Wonderland
Gentlemen Broncos
Back to the Future Part II

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Title Director Rating
24 Hour Party People Winterbottom, Michael 4.5
28 Days Later... Boyle, Danny 4.5
50 First Dates Segal, Peter 4
54 Christopher, Mark 2
Adaptation. Jonze, Spike 4.5
Addiction, The Ferrara, Abel 3
Along Came Polly Hamburg, John 3.5
Amadeus Foreman, Milos 5
American Beauty Mendes, Sam 5
American Graffiti Lucas, George 5
American Movie Smith, Chris 4.5
American Splendor Berman, Shari Springer & Pulcini, Robert 4.5
Am�lie Jeunet, Jean-Pierre 5
Another Heaven Iida, Joji 4
Anything Else Allen, Woody 4.5
Auto Focus Schrader, Paul 3.5
Basquiat Schnabel, Julian 4
Bend it Like Beckham Chadha, Gurinder 3.5
Big Fish Burton, Tim 4
Big Hit, The Wong, Kirk 4
Black Sunday Bava, Mario 5
Blue Spring Toyoda, Toshiaki  3
Bowling for Columbine Moore, Michael 5
Bram Stoker's Dracula Coppola, Francis Ford 4.5
Bride of Frankenstein, The Whale, James 5
Brotherhood of the Wolf Gans, Christophe and Pascal Laugier 3
Buffalo '66 Gallo, Vincent 3.5
Burnt Offerings Curtis, Dan 2.5
Cabin Fever Roth, Eli 2.5
Cannibal! The Musical Parker, Trey 3
Chocolat Hallstr�m, Lasse 5
Clockwork Orange, A Kubrick, Stanley 5
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Clooney, George 4
Count of Monte Cristo, The Reynolds, Kevin 4
Countess Dracula Sasdy, Peter 2.5
Cradle of Fear Chandon, Alex 3.5
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, The Stainton, John  4
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Lee, Ang 5
Crow: City of Angels, The Pope, Tim 1
Dagon Gordon, Stuart 3.5
Daredevil Johnson, Mark Steven 3
Daughters of Darkness, The K�mel, Harry 3
Dawn of the Dead Snyder, Zack 4.5
Dawn of the Dead  Romero, George A. 5
Dead or Alive  Miike, Takashi 4
Dead or Alive 2: T�b�sha  Miike, Takashi 2.5
Dead or Alive: Final  Miike, Takashi 3
Deep Blue Sea Harlin, Renny 0
Desperado Rodriguez, Robert  4
Devil's Advocate, The Hackford, Taylor 3.5
Dobermann Kounen, Jan 3
Dracula Browning, Tod 4
Dreamcatcher Kasdan, Lawrence 3.5
Drunken Master Woo Ping, Yuen 5
Drunken Master 2 Kar-Leung, Lau 3
Ed Wood Burton, Tim 5
Eight Legged Freaks Elkayem, Ellory 2
Eternal Blood Olgu�n, Jorge 4
Evil Dead, The Raimi, Sam 3.5
Exorcist, The Friedkin, William 5
Eye, The Pang Brothers, The 3.5
Final Destination 2 Ellis, David R. 3
Flashdance Lyne, Adrian 3.5
Four Feathers, The Kapur, Shekhar 3.5
Frida Taymor, Julie 4
Full Frontal Soderbergh, Steven 2.5
Full Metal Yakuza Miike, Takashi 3
Garden State Braff, Zach 4.5
Ghost World Zwigoff, Terry 4.5
Girl, Interrupted Mangold, James 3
Gothika Kassovitz, Mathieu 2
Halloween Carpenter, John 5
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Columbus, Chris 4.5
Haute tension Aja, Alexandre 3.5
Hellboy del Toro, Guillermo 4.5
Heroic Trio, The To, Johnny 3.5
Hours, The Daldry, Stephen 4.5
House of 1000 Corpses Zombie, Rob 3
House of the Dead Boll, Uwe .5
Hulk, The Lee, Ang 3
Human Nature Gondry, Michel 3
Identity Mangold, James 4
Impostors, The Tucci, Stanley 4.5
Independent, The Kessler, Stephen 3
Interview with the Vampire Jordan, Neil 4
Irreversible No�, Gaspar 4.5
Jaws Spielberg, Steven 5
Kill Bill Vol. 2 Tarantino, Quentin 5
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Tarantino, Quentin 5
Last Minute, The Norrington, Steve 2.5
Last Samurai, The Zwick, Edward 4.5
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Norrington, Steve 3
Living Dead Girl, The Rollin, Jean 3
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, The  Jackson, Peter 5
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Jackson, Peter 5
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Special Extended Edition, The Jackson, Peter 5
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Jackson, Peter 5
Lost in Translation Coppola, Sofia 5
Mad Monster Party? Bass, Jules 3
Malice@Doll Motonaga, Keitaro 3.5
Mal�na  Tornatore, Giuseppe 4.5
Masque of the Red Death, The Corman, Roger 4
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Weir, Peter 4.5
Matrix Reloaded, The Wachowski, Andy and Larry 5
Matrix Revolutions, The Wachowski, Andy - Wachowski, Larry 3.5
May McKee, Lucky 4
Memento Nolan, Christopher 4.5
Midnight Mass Mandile, Tony 0
Minority Report Spielberg, Steven 4.5
Missing, The Howard, Ron 3.5
Mona Lisa Smile Newell, Mike 3
Moonlight Mile Silberling, Brad 3.5
Night of the Living Dead Romero, George A. 5
Nightwalker: Midnight Detective Sasano, Kiyori 3.5
Nosferatu the Vampyre Herzog, Werner 5
Omen, The Donner, Richard 4
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Robert Rodriguez 4
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Forman, Milos 5
Opeth: Lamentations - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire Koch Vision Entertainment 4.5
Order, The Helgeland, Brian 3
Pieces of April Hedges, Peter 4
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Verbinski, Gore 4
Practical Magic Dunne, Griffin 3.5
Psycho Hitchcock, Alfred 5
Punch-Drunk Love Anderson, Paul Thomas 4
Puphedz: The Tattle-Tale Heart  Heimann, Jurgen 4
Ravenous Bird, Antonia 4
Real Women Have Curves Cardoso, Patricia 3
Red Dragon Ratner, Brett 4.5
Revelation Urban, Stuart 4
Ring, The Verbinski, Gore 4
Ringu Nakata, Hideo 4
Rules of Attraction, The Avary, Roger 2.5
Run Lola Run Tykwer, Tom 4.5
Sabu Miike, Takashi  4.5
School of Rock Linklater, Richard 4
Secretary Shainberg, Steven 4
Serial Mom Waters, John 4
Session 9 Anderson, Brad 4.5
Shadow of the Vampire Merhige, E. Elias 4.5
Shunned House, The Zuccon, Ivan 2.5
Signs Shyamalan, M. Night 4.5
Sleepy Hollow Burton, Tim 4.5
Spartan Mamet, David 4
Spider Cronenberg, David 3
Spider Baby Hill, Jack 4
Spirited Away Miyazaki, Hayao 5
Station Agent, The McCarthy, Thomas 4.5
Stuck on You Brothers, Farrelly 4
Suspiria Argento, Dario 5
Sweet Home Alabama Tennant, Andy 2.5
Swept From the Sea Kidron, Beeban 4
Sword and the Sorcerer, The Pyun, Albert .5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Nispel, Marcus 4
The City Of Lost Souls Miike, Takashi 4
Underworld Wiseman, Len 3
Van Helsing Sommers, Stephen 1.5
Weird Science Hughes, John 4
Wendigo Fessenden, Larry 4
Whale Rider Caro, Niki 4
Work of Director Chris Cunningham, The Cunningham, Chris 4.5
Work of Director Michel Gondry, The Gondry, Michel 4
Work of Director Spike Jonze, The Jonze, Spike 4.5
X2: X-Men United Singer, Bryan 3.5
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